Thursday, June 11, 2009

Freedom descends on small New Mexico town: Rainbow Gathering

Something truly unique is happening, people are coming together in a New Mexico national forest near Cuba, NM to express their freedom and pray for world peace. With the state of the world right now, I think it is needed. Local news in New Mexico jumped on the story even before the un-official Rainbow Family council was done, so some of this is still up in the air, to be announced at any moment. Considering all the trials and tribulations we are all experiencing in the world today, I think we all deserve this. I have been attending Rainbow Gatherings since July 2001, right before 9-11, and I just want to express my urgency for all InfoWarriors and freedom lovers to accept this invitation to attend the Gathering July 1-7. I was a Rainbow Warrior before I was an InfoWarrior, so it is important to me to bridge the gap between these two worlds, both groups have much to learn from each other. I want to clear up some misconceptions about "hippies". Within the "hippie" community you have different "types", I won't get into all the differences, but i can assure you that we aren't all left wing Obama supporters. The "Rainbows" are much different than your average concert attending "hippie". A very important part of the rainbow life is personal sovereignty, something that is dwindling in today's society. We work together individually toward a common purpose, and that purpose is personal freedom for all that are peaceful. The term "Rainbow" refers to all colors, classes, and creeds of people--we are the rainbow. The word rainbow has been purposely perverted by todays society, like all good things. The gathering means different things to different people, to me it symbolizes what life would be like without what we call "Babylon", the control grid that we call life. It is about preparation for the economic collapse this is going to change life as we know it. It is about strangers caring for one another, sharing, and learning a better way. It's about co-existing in a place that is out of "their" reach, it is about being part of something that only "WE" can understand, and it is about going home, I hope to see you there.

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