Wednesday, May 6, 2009

WHO: Drug Companies Must Prepare for Swine Flu Vaccine

The World Health Organization said all pharmaceutical manufacturers must be ready to start producing vaccines to protect people against the Swine Influenza A-H1N1 virus as soon as they are given the go-ahead.

WHO said it will take four to six months for the first lot of swine flu vaccines to become available between the time the strain of the virus is identified and production begins.

So, WHO Director of the Initiative for Vaccine Research, Marie-Paule Kieny, said pharmaceutical companies should start getting ready now.

"What we have recommended for the timing at present, which was a technical recommendation for all manufacturers is to put everything in place to be able to start manufacturing vaccines," she said

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lessgov2007 said...

The ManBirdPig flu is turning out to be nothing but hype. Just another tool for the globalist to put fear into the minds of people to keep them clinging to big daddy government to protect them. Another way to convince the public to give up their liberty for security. It's not the flu you really have to be concerned with, it's the cure the eugenicist (gangster banker funded organizations) want to pump into your veins.