Saturday, April 4, 2009

Barack Obama's New World Order

Barack Obama's New World Order

The New World Order is being unveiled to the masses, what will happen when they realize we were right?

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lessgov2007 said...

What will happen? I doubt much of anything. There has been information thrown into the faces of the public time and time again. Yet, it's the same old zombie worship of the Usurper and Chief and his cult of personality.

Now, if American Idol or Hannah Montana were to do an entire show telling people how bad the new world order was, that would cause a revolution by morning.

The problem is, the public is literally under a mass media spell. We're facing generations of people who have been spellbound by the media magicians, and those cult of personalities they live through in their mental fantasies.

I tell you my proposed plan. If and when we defeat the new world order, we should make use of the FEMA camps and commit a mass genocide on the televisions to prevent the media magicians from doing such a thing again. Just a thought!