Monday, December 1, 2008

This Blog is everything now

I have come to the realization that I can no longer function in this New World Order. I recently lost my job because I wouldn't snitch on a co-worker(that had already been snitched on) I refused to give information on him so I was "Let go". This New World Order makes me sick. Because of my non-compliance with the world I am finding myself pretty broke nowadays. If i have to, I guess I'll go get another meaningless job, but it seems to me that the best job available today is waking people up. I have this dream of working for Alex Jones, doing something that matters. I've been told that I should beg for donations, so I will. Please, any of you in this movement that would like to help a struggling soul, it would be appreciated.

-Jonathan Brown

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Gavin said...

I identify a lot, however I am still aware as for me its important to try to have fun also, i know it sounds stupid but i need to take breaks from this stuff, cos i can just get immersed in whats going on right now an it gets me very angry.

by the way you have no 'follow this blog' link on you page so people cant follow you, the link is in customise / add gadget / followers.