Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Hello all welcome here

This is my first attempt at blogging. I've been doing it a little over a week now. I have been listening to Alex Jones since about 2003. I am a huge fan of his and would love an opportunity to work for him, but for now I am doing this. I am pretty frustrated lately, so I'm trying to use my anger for something good. I know that I am supposed to be involved with the awakening that is happening, I'm just trying to start from nothing here. Nothing else really matters now, there is only this. We used to be able to look away from the New World Order and just go on with our "lives". Now, when i go outside, it's all I see. It's kind of a curse I guess. I just hope that people enjoy this Blog and pass it on.


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PhreedomPhan said...

You'll love this, JB. A number of years ago I worked a contract job for Martin-Marrieta. Shortly before the assignment was over, the defense dept. gave Lockheed and Martin $31 million to merge to, of all things, reduce competition in the aerospace industry. The new chairman of the combined Lockheed-Martin corporation, Norm Augustini, promptly gave himself an $8 million bonus. Norm was a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

I came back to the new corporation for another assignment a little later. While I was there, all employees, contractors included, were required to attend an ethics training session. There we were taught it was unethical to steal a box of paperclips and, if we knew a fellow employee had stolen a box, it would be unethical not to turn him/her in.

I guess we have to look at things in perspective. Small scale theft from the corporation is unethical, but grand theft from the taxpayers with a nice bonus for the ringleader is not.

You might want to take a look at my "blogs." They aren't really set up as blogs, more like repositories of information. I usually recommend that anyone who is interested take them in a bit at a time or copy and paste to their WP to read at their leisure.